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Our Mission

Play a faster round & have more fun

"It is time to rethink golf. Pairing Finn with golfers with a desire to play ready golf can cut playing time in half."

Rick Reimers, CEO & inventor

Your personal golf machine for only
Increase Rounds and Revenue
Revenue Share/Lease, Fleet Purchase, GPP
Earn $$$
They talked about Finn
The newest mode of golf transportation elevates the fun factor in a big way.
Erik Matuszewki, Forbes
One of the coolest rides I've ever been on.
Matt Ginella, Golf Channel
I can confidently hand out the award for Coolest New Golf Gear. The Finn Cycle by Sun Mountain Sports is the Meryl Streep of this awards show.
Gary Van Sickle
…The biggest benefits—besides being a pretty fun ride—are a rapid pace of play…and less damage to the course…
Golf Digest Editors' Choice Best Club Alternative Transport 2019