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Finn Scooters has established a financing facility for the purchase of fleets of scooters with Global Finance Group (Global).

The process is quick and simple.

If you are interested in a fleet, but are not looking to finance, click here.

Global Financing Group Application and Proposal

Step 1 Download the editable pdf Global Finance Application here. For more information about Global Finance, click here.

Step 2 Complete the application and send it as an email attachment to

Step 3 Global Finance Group will return a financing proposal to you usually by the next business day. The proposal will provide you with the monthly payment for the fleet you wish to purchase.

Step 4 You can use the Revenue Estimator on this page to estimate your monthly and seasonal revenue from Finn Scooter rentals at your course.

Step 5 If the proposal is acceptable to you, sign and submit it back to Global Finance Group.

Step 6 Once accepted by Global Finance Group, they will issue a formal Purchase Order to Finn Scooters.

Step 7 The Scooters will ship to your course once you have provided Finn Scooters with a signed and completed Finn Scooter Asset Sale Agreement, a copy of your valid State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, and your down payment (see Step C below), AND we receive the formal Purchase Order from Global Finance Group.

Step 8 When you receive the Scooters, you must notify Global of acceptance and the transaction will be complete.

SMMS, LLC Asset Sale Agreement

Step A Fill out your

Step B Email your valid State Sales Tax Exemption (Reseller) Certificate to

Step C Once steps A and B are completed, Finn Scooters will email you an invoice for the Down Payment due on your fleet. This will be $200 times the number of units you are purchasing. This amount will be subtracted by Global from the total purchase price to arrive at the financed amount. You can pay Finn Scooters by check or credit card. To pay by credit card call 888-266-3598 or 833-346-6364.

The Finn Scooter Asset Sale Agreement explains the general business agreement between SMMS, LLC and Course as it pertains to Fleet purchases. It includes topics such as training, warranties, repairs, and what will be expected from both parties.

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